Pasqual to shutter soon

Pasqual to close, business for sale

Pasqual restaurant is currently up for sale.

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Pasqual restaurant is currently up for sale.

Pasqual, the upscale restaurant in Parker Square, is for sale. Although currently closed for a holiday break, chef-owner Juston Liles has told listing agent Andy Lee the business will remain open until the end of January.

A sign on the door reveals Pasqual’s restaurant is closed for vacation

Photo by Deanna Watson

A sign on the door reveals Pasqual’s restaurant is closed for vacation

“We had lunch together on Dec. 30 and he said he would be back after a family vacation,” Lee said. “We’re advertising it (Pasqual) nationally and there are several prospects looking at it.”

Rumors about the popular eatery have swirled on social media since early December and its demise has been declared more than once.

“It’s been a successful business for five years, they’ve done a great job in the community and have a good reputation,” said Lee. “It’s a key anchor at Parker Square and we hope it can continue to be with the next owners.”

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amabo writes:

The inside arrangement for customers did not match the prices. Two or more tables next to you could hear every word you said and visa-versa. Guests were wandering around your table like you were in the middle of a mall. I had no complaint with the food, but it was a long way from the taste and presentation of a truly first class restaurant. I am sorry for those that tried to offer WF something a cut above, but it is no big loss to the dining out people of the city.

JoeFriday writes:

Agreed. I used to frequent Pasqual when it was located on Harrison. After the move to Parker Square, I went during the 2nd week- not impressed, but I gave them some time to adjust to the new atmosphere and returned a few months later. The food was still good, no where near 5 star quality that you would find at The Mansion or Dakota's, but good. However the interior arrangment and elevated noise level of the new location was definetly not worth the money anymore. All the same, I regret to see any local buisness fail.

jbohannon#261787 writes:

It was a holiday tradition for my wife and friends. Will miss it. I once had my best ever Caesar salad there. Pumpkin Jalapeno Soup was something I always looked forward to. After 2 glasses of wine seating arrangements never bothered me! Wife drove home!

Trapper writes:

And we were assured that they would stay open, but might move to another location? So much for promises.

Wasp writes:

It appears to me to be the same fate as Texas Moon. Their core business idea was good but the change to Zocolos was the killer. Location isn't always the first priority if your product or service is good and the targeted customer base is large enough. I remember when we used to go to Vernon for Chinese food or Ok for fish. The location might be for sale but used equipment is cheap.

sunny writes:

We quit going to Pasqual's because of the noise level. I know that restaurants prefer to have tile floors and no drapes for the sanitary issue, but the noise level is deafening. When you can not have a decent conversation with your table-mates without shouting, dining is no longer a pleasurable experience.

butterfly writes:

That place was doomed for failure from the first day it opened. Say what you will but the food and the atomsphere in which it was served never attracted the right following to be successful in Wichita Falls.

fanofgaga writes:

I was in shock the first couple of days, but I have settled down now. I have decided I am going to join the Wichita Falls Country Club. See yall there. P.S. I still miss the Wichita Club that was downtown.

KC writes:

Their doors are already closed, and this sounds bad, but I'm glad.
I had to listen to employees complain they never got paid on the 1st and the 15th like they were told. They also had to beg for their credit card tips.
This wasn't just once, it was a continual, ongoing thing with this man.
I'm glad I no longer have to listen about his problems, and the problems he made for his employees.

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